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The Nirim Team

Our teachers, guides, counselors, social workers, field & ODT people, kitchen staff, maintenance and administration workers, portray a group of professional and devoted people. All of whom believe in the kids and in Nirim’s mission and act at the highest sense of commitment.
To be part of Nirim means to be able to communicate on a personal and social level over a long period of time. Our staff’s commitment to the lives of the youth creates a family who’s whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Nirim Staff

  •          Ziv Gershony - CEO
  •          Micha Simbalista –  Head of the Nirim Youth Village
  •          Dan Ben Gigi – Head of Nirim in the Neighborhoods
  •          Yonat Glietman – CFO
  •          Yossi Hananya – The Nirim School Principal
  •          Tzahi Klarfeld – Head of the Youth Village Therapy Department.
  •          Almog Eilat – Head of Nirim in the Neighborhoods Therapy Department
  •          Boaz Sivan – Head of the Village Boarding School & Informal education
  •          Amir Bareket – Head of the Wilderness Therapy Department
  •          Miriam Ari – Resource Development & Community Relations Manager



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