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Nirim in the Mountains

Nirim in the Mountains is a working farm located in a remote location of the Golan Heights in Northern Israel specifically chosen because of this seclusion. This farm allows Nirim to increase its capacity to work in extreme situations with the youth.  Because of their violence, severely inappropriate actions or unauthorized absence from the Youth Village these youth face a choice, either return to the lifestyle that brought them to Nirim and possibly jail, or work at the farm and return to the Youth Village.


Program Objectives


•  Increase self-worth and belief in one's capabilities

•   Strengthening of self-control and focus

•   Development of independence, responsibility, leadership and persistence

•   Development of introspective skills, self-awareness; strengths and weaknesses

•   Re-evaluation of belief systems and values

•   Coping with frustrations and resolving conflicts

•   Internalization of limits, recognizing dangers and perimeters

•   Development of inter-personal communication skills: the ability to have relationships, to trust,

     to solve conflicts.

•   Learning to cooperate in order to achieve common goals, identification of place within a group and

    the ability to contribute



As this farm is designed and built from the ground up, we were able to address all our areas of concern such as safety, security, isolation, our preference for the lack of hi-tech communications and equipment and the opportunity for extreme physical labor. Nirim in the Mountains absorbs Nirim students, (boys and girls) who face extremely difficult situations. Those who are in crises and for them the already extreme Nirim program is simply not enough. As many as 95% of those who choose not to take part in this program will return to crime, substance abuse and ultimately jail.



Project Description

Those teens that have expressed a true and deep desire to return to the Youth Village are given the opportunity to earn the right to rejoin, upon successful completion of the Nirim in the Mountains program. As part of their Personal Rescue Plan, youth that are placed here will be responsible for the daily farm work and dairy production along with other challenging responsibilities that form the basis of this project.


Youth are closely monitored by the Nirim Staff member who they worked with at the Youth Village and, as an earned privilege, the youth will be able to continue their curriculum studies so that they are not behind when they return to the Youth Village. The farm is run on a rigid daily schedule where the youth participating have no accesses to phone, internet or television to encourage peace of mind and a clear space for inner work.


Each participant at the farm keeps a fully detailed daily diary that serves as a self- investigative tool and resource that speaks of their progress, feelings and activities throughout this period and will form the basis of an extensive report to the youths' fellow students upon his/her return to the Village.

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