Nirim and the IDFNirim To Honor Nir Krizman
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Nirim and the IDF

"I'm going to be drafted to a combat units, and this is after the IDF did not want to recruit me at all. I had to fight for it"
(P, Nirim Graduate)





Meaningful service in the IDF is associated with the normative in Israeli society and is a precondition in many frames of employment or academy.
We look at the 3 years of clear limits where one can set personal goals and develop, as a direct continuation of the personal process in Nirim.
Significant military service may leverage social opportunities (officers, military career, etc.) and serves as major component of the educational process to belong and be involved in the community.
Significant service strongly derives from two of the core values of Nirim: Striving for Excellence and Self Fulfillment.

Significant service requires a different attitude to IDF preparatory process. We view this process as key component linked to many layers throughout the 3 years of Nirim Program. During the process, IDF Socialization is formed, role models are built, as well as motivation, physical and mental skills, field training, navigation, teamwork, and most importantly a strong sense of self-efficacy that allows boys and girls to set high personal goal in the army.

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