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Preparatory Program

The Nirim three-year program is a very successful model aimed at youth ages 15 and up and is based on an extremely demanding program that is not appropriate for younger teenagers. Given this fact, we have a special preparatory program tailored to the needs of younger teenagers (ages 13 to 14 ) – ‘Nirim Preparatory Program' (Mechina).




The Preparatory Program is a one-year program based on the identical educational and therapeutic principles of the Nirim track, but appropriate to the younger age of the students and at a less intense pace. The Program is run at the main Nirim location, but is separate and apart from the other programs. The Mechina has an intimate family atmosphere and caters to a smaller number of students (up to 15) allowing the graduates of this program a swifter transition into the framework of Nirim and higher achievements in the next stage of the Nirim program.


The Preparatory Program goals:


·      Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to accept authority and boundaries.

·      The building of a strong base of connection/bonding and sense of belonging

         that will increase the chances of the participants’ success in the Nirim track.

·      Development of interactions and relationships within the group.

·      Improving the students’ academic skills in reading, mathematics and English.

·      Empowerment and increasing self-confidence. 

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