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The School

I wish every child the good fortune to find his/her own “Nirim” in life. Or else, a small portion, maybe even one specific value, out of all that I was blessed with here.  (Nirim Graduate)







The Nirim School

The school is an important part of the adolescent life. This is where they spend most of their time every day and where they are required to prove themselves on a daily basis. Therefore, when a teenage girl or boy starts accumulating failures at school, the damage to their self-esteem and sense of self ability is the deepest. Moreover, if we add deficit disorders, learning disabilities, lack of family support, and the environment's low expectations as well as teens' low expectations of themselves, it is no wonder that many of our kids have dropped out of educational frameworks in the past.

Education is a significant tool allowing our youth the chance to integrate into the core of Israeli society. Therefore, we set high standards for our students in terms of their study objectives and the attainment of a full matriculation diploma (all major studies include full matriculation diploma).

The Nirim School does not classify its students according to their past achievements or classifications, but assumes that each, given a dedicated, professional and attentive environment, can achieve a full matriculation diploma within three years, regardless of their starting point. A trained, loving and believing team of teachers encourage the students to realize their true skills and capabilities. We teach in small classes, of up to eight students per class, and have a wide range of volunteers providing individual learning experience, which guarantees success.  Over the years, Nirim youth average of attaining full high school diploma is higher than the Israeli average.

The major study is geology and ecology taught under the guidance of the Weizmann Institute. In addition, each student may choose, in accordance with his/her fields of interest, any subject he/she so desires to study and we allow it by collaborating with nearby schools.

Nirim School won the National School Award of education 2012

The words of Prof. Orion of the Weizmann Institute of Science, who leads one of the pedagogic majors:

"Meeting the Nirim students, like all my meetings, was very emotional for me. The knowledge, understanding and interest demonstrated by the students were of the highest levels, compared with thousands of students taking this major nationwide, whom I had taught over the years. But mainly, my enthusiasm was the human aspect of meeting these teenagers. It was just nice to be around them. They radiated calm and it was very heartwarming to see the humane relationships between them. Humane, friendly, encouraging and supportive behavior which sadly, is lacking in the general Israeli landscape and rather rare among the teenagers I work with."

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