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Vision and Rationale

In one month, I will graduate from my first year in university and I really owe much of it to my time at Nirim. They are, in a great deal, responsible for the person that I am today
(A, Nirim graduate)


Our Vision

  • To be available for each of our high school graduates, with love, warmth and practical support while they are serving in the IDF or during their National Service and throughout their passage into the core of society.

  • To be their voice and representative while dealing with establishment organizations, scholarship proposals or legal challanges.

  • To offer them love, support, advice and a sense of family while acquiring a higher education or a profession.

  • To offer them counseling and tools for acquiring life skills while entering important and significant crossroads.

  • To hold and support them during times of crisis.

  • To respond quickly and effectively when needed while demonstrating that they are not alone, that Nirim is and always will be their family.



The ultimate aim of Nirim is to integrate our graduates into the core of Israeli society as contributing and productive citizens. All of our efforts at Nirim are focused upon achieving this goal. It is clear that this goal isn’t reached just by graduating from High school and the receipt of a matriculation certificate, as magnificent an achievement as that is. Neither is the goal achieved solely by their meaningful contribution while serving in the IDF. These steps are vital, but are part of the initial process only. True integration starts as independent young adults. It is the taking part in academic higher education, learning of a profession and eventually setting up family of their own which is a true indication of our success. The ultimate accomplishment is to break the cycle of dysfunction into a future of personal growth and community contribution.

While at Nirim our youth have undergone a transformational process, they are still susceptible to negative outside influences, economic difficulties and many maintain the same family ties that were so destructive to begin with. At this stage of their lives, they move onto the next stage of building their coping skills while serving in the IDF and then into civilian life. It is of utmost importance during this period to offer support and life tools. Without such a support network many of our youth would find themselves facing great economic difficulties, unable to support themselves and possibly homeless.

Our graduateד program offers both emotional and practical support that is multi-faceted and multileveled.  We liaison with the IDF, social workers and any other organizations in order to facilitate a warm and caring passage from the stigma of youth at risk to normative  young adult.


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