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Year round Activity

"You have tought me that a framework does not mean a bad thing" (Nirim Hadera Geaduate)



Nirim in the Neighborhoods - Creating an adventure that leads to a change

Our youth live at home and stay in their familiar environment while participating in the intensive Nirim program. Nirim offers challenging activities along alongside care and support all year round. The key is being proactively present in all the important junctions in kids’ life: 
We position ourselves case managers supporting our youth at school, working with their family, the welfare system as well as dealing with police, the juvenile courts, parole officers, and abusive figures in their lives etc.

Nirim program assumes this holistic approach through:

The Neighborhood
Our guides scout the neighborhood, at the kids' usual gathering places and slowly and patiently succeed in gathering the wondering teens; gaining their trust and helping them join the program. Once we build a group, we keep the high presence on the streets, meeting with the kids in addition to the Nirim home current activity.

The staff serves as Case Managers for the youth, and is in constant contact with all frameworks involved in their lives.

The School
The school is one of the main aspects of the adolescent life. This is where they spend most of their time every day and where they are required to prove themselves on a daily basis. Therefore, when a teenaged girl or boy starts accumulating failures at school, the damage to their self-esteem and sense of self-ability is the deepest. We wish for them to gain back their confidence in the formal education system and graduate high school, preferably with full matriculation diploma. To help them achieve these goals we make sure they wake up in the morning and go to school, serve as mediators between the youth and school staff and support them with afterschool missions.

We believe education is an important tool allowing our youth the chance to integrate into the core of Israeli society.

Nirim Homes
Nirim homes are the heart of our activity, a warm and safe center for our activity. This is where we meet the kids, in groups and in person for a variety of formal and informal activities. All Nirim in the Neighborhoods locations run daily all year round (including the summer holiday), every day (except Shabbat) for our youth and once a week our home has an open door to the community and any youth can come and participate in the activities.

The Families
Cooperation with the families is critical to the process the youth undergo. Any home, even the least functional one, is still a center of kids’ life. Our staff visits the kids’ homes on a current basis, lead parents days and seminars and often support the family as a whole. Throughout the years, we have had many siblings taking after their brother / sister and joining Nirim in the Neighborhoods.


Wilderness Therapy
Wilderness Therapy is a unique tool developed in the UK and US, and adjusted by the Nirim team to suit our program. Wilderness Therapy enables the dramatic breakthrough and the assimilation of the tools and values our teenagers need to help them rewrite their lives' story.

Nirim in the Neighborhoods’ youth are engaged in outdoor activities once a week in the afternoon, 3 times a year in 3-4 days survival treks and special days / nights activities.

The outdoors is an unfamiliar territory to most of the kids, where they can achieve a new set of goals and rebuild their identity. It provides tangible challenges, with results instant results and clear feedback. "I was too lazy to build a shelter? I will be freezing cold at night." "I was able to climb this impossible mountain? I can probably do some other things which I thought were impossible."

This method revolutionizes the teenager's sense of capability and allows him/her to develop self-belief. Once they reach the peak of a steep mountain, they start to believe in their ability to overcome the obstacles put before them in real life. The outdoors challenges give them a chance to develop and practice values of self-control, independence, responsibility, collaboration, mutual assistance, leadership and perseverance. These values, which for the most part are missing among youth at high risk, are an important part of their transformation to become outstanding, value driven and leading individuals in society.


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