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Youth Village

The best thing about Nirim was the atmosphere; morning songs, cleaning, fun sharing circles and most of all the support I got from my team and the feeling of a family. (D, Nirim graduate)





The Nirim Youth Village located on the northern shore of Israel, is a unique residential setting for 100 at-risk teens aged 14 -18.  "The Nirim Track" (three-four years,) is a highly intensive program for youth removed from their families by the Youth Protection Authority or referred by the Juvenile Court as an alternative to jail. (see Nirim Track)


The daily schedule is intense and includes all village units; school, therapy, after school classes, and more. Every Tuesday the kids are out in nature for wilderness therapy and ODT and once every six weeks they have a four-five day outdoor activity.


Through the course of three–four years in the village our youth complete five stages. Reaching each stage is subject to successfully completing the previous one and at the end of each stage they will have a powerful ceremony with the village community and their families.


As part of their day-to-day routine we wish to strengthen the kids’ potentials and offer them a wide range of after-school classes i.e. sport, art and music.


Nirim Youth Village follows the premise whereby these adolescent girls and boys can rehabilitate their emotional world, experience success and acquire the tools, skills and self-confidence to rewrite their life story and integrate into the core of Israeli society.


In the spirit of striving for excellence, we set high standards and objectives that are often perceived by the youth as impossible to reach; a full Matriculation diploma, a meaningful IDF service, social involvement and personal growth. (see Nirim Track)






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